Concerns about a high bill

For this type of request, we recommend that you contact us by phone or visit your local office.

Contact us by phone

  • Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. ET
  • LG&E: 502-589-1444 or 800-331-7370 then 1-2-4-5
  • KU: 800-981-0600 then 1-2-4-5

Contact us in person

Contact us online

Make a request online

You can make a request online, though we recommend that you call us for requests like this. They tend to require additional information and approvals. 
Activate Form

Please allow up to one business day for your request to be processed. We ask that you complete the entire form. All fields marked with an asterisk () are required. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

If you need immediate assistance, or to report a down wire or gas leak/odor, contact us at: LG&E: 502-589-1444 or 800-331-7370, KU/ODP: 800-981-0600.

Weather and its impact on your utility bill

This online weather calendar is a helpful tool to compare temperatures to that of the previous year, and illustrates when there are several days of extreme temperatures, which can ultimately impact your energy bill.

Advanced Meter Program

With online near real-time access to usage information, customers can take a closer look to see when they are using energy.

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