We prune trees to provide safe, reliable electric service

Trees are among our region's most beneficial, valuable and beautiful assets. They grace our landscape, provide cooling shade from the hot sun and give food and shelter to birds and wildlife. And they reduce our energy needs when they are planted in the appropriate places.

However, when they are planted without regard to surrounding space, or are not properly maintained, they can cause problems that grow worse each year — like unwanted shade, expensive removal fees, property damage, hazards to people and disruption of utility service.

Trees that are too close to power lines are directly responsible for many of the electrical power outages in our area. During storms, these trees can become hazardous if they have not been properly maintained. This is one of the major concerns we face. By pruning these trees before they cause an outage, we help create a safer environment and provide you with the reliable service you expect.

That's why we are committed to a year-round powerline tree clearance program to help prevent power outages and the safety issues caused by trees that have grown into or too close to our power lines.

We spend millions of dollars each year pruning trees away from power lines. All of this work is done so that we can continue to provide you with the safe, reliable service you deserve.

Disposal and clean up

After a tree is pruned or removed, our crews will cut the trunk and larger branches into manageable lengths. In order to save money for all customers, these logs will be left near the tree stump for the property owner's use or disposal.

When small tree limbs and branches fall into customers' yards as our crews are trimming, our crews will run that debris through a wood chipper and haul it away.