CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information

In 2015, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released its final Coal Combustion Residuals Rule that sets national standards for managing coal combustion residuals. The rule focuses on storage facilities’ locations, safety practices, groundwater protection standards and structural requirements. Through the Rule, the EPA determined CCR materials are non-hazardous, and the beneficial reuse of these materials as an ingredient in concrete, cement, wall board, and other materials and as fill is safe and allowed.

Specific compliance data and information must be posted to a public website, called the CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information.

Improving land and water quality

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Please note: Reports and plans found in this section are developed and posted according to federal regulatory requirements and compliance timelines. 

CCR current documents

In our CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information section, you can access the company’s plans for compliance and information about each of LG&E and KU’s facilities regulated under the CCR Rule.