Exterior Electric Line Home Warranty

Empowering Peace of Mind

isometric illustration of a house with a power line coming from a pole

About the program

There is a new voluntary home warranty program that can help protect you from costly repairs that could come from damage to certain electrical equipment on the outside of your home.

Check back soon on this page for more information and updates to the program, including a launch date, and we’ll be communicating directly to our customers when the voluntary home warranty program is available.

We’re partnering with HomeServe, a third-party provider of home repair solutions, to soon offer greater peace of mind when it comes to safely repairing certain exterior electric equipment damaged from everyday wear and tear that is your responsibility to fix if damaged, such as your weather head, attachment hardware, service stack, meter box, or pole depending on your service connection type. See the diagram to better understand who is responsible for what components of your home’s exterior electrical equipment. HomeServe offers the protection plan, which is an entirely separate entity from LG&E and KU and is not regulated by the Kentucky Public Service Commission.

If you choose to participate, you can pay a low monthly subscription cost that will be added to your monthly utility bill. In return, you will protect yourself from costly covered repairs and get access to:

  • HomeServe’s 24/7 hotline of knowledgeable agents
  • Professional, licensed technicians
  • $0 deductible plans
  • One-year guarantee of repairs (up to $5,000 annually for covered repairs)

Participating customers who miss three consecutive monthly payments for the Exterior Electric Line Plan would be removed from the protection plan but would continue to receive their utility services from LG&E and KU without interruption.

This new voluntary home warranty program from HomeServe will soon be offered to eligible customers and is expected to fully launch soon. Coverage limitations and exclusions apply.

chart of types of service connections

Service connection repair responsibilities