LG&E and KU mobile app FAQs

Is the app free?

The app is free to download from the App Store or Google Play.

Who can use the app?

Can I use the app for my business accounts?

Does the new app replace the older LG&E KU ODP Outage Map app?

Will the old outage map app disappear?

Can the mobile app be used on a tablet?

What do I do if I cannot download the app or if the app is malfunctioning?

How do I update my app to the newest version?

Why won’t my log in and/or password work?

Why can’t I delete my User ID email address?

If I pay my bill in the app, is there a charge?

Why is my paperless billing status showing as pending?

How do I report an outage?

Can I use the app with MyMeter?

How do I get back to the app if I click on an item on the “More” tab and go to the website?

More to come!