E.W. Brown Solar Facility historical data

Operating the state’s largest universal solar facility, LG&E and KU are pleased to share our facility’s detailed historical generation data – down to one-minute intervals – from September 1, 2016 to present. The solar array at E.W. Brown is a universal solar facility, which means that it’s a part of our generating units and provides power when the sun is shining.    

By sharing this information, which we understand to be one of the largest and most comprehensive data sets on a commercial solar facility published, we want to help propel solar research and development and help those who are interested better understand the capabilities of solar energy in Kentucky.

About the data

  • Each data point is an instantaneous reading at the end of each minute.
  • These raw data have been collected by automatic monitoring equipment at our facility site without prior review or editing. 
  • The data are comma delimited and include the date and time, kilowatt (kW), kilowatt-hour (kWh), plane of array irradiance (POAI), global horizontal irradiance (GHI), and temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius for each minute. 
  • The kilowatt measurements are net of station use, including equipment, security, and lighting, and will therefore be negative when the sun is not shining. 
  • The kilowatt-hour measurements are net generation sent to the grid, and do not include energy received from the grid while the station was consuming power. 
  • The measurements for ambient conditions, including irradiance and temperature, are average readings for each minute from two non-contiguous weather stations located at the solar facility. 

Data by year

  • 2016: CSV (18mb), TXT (18mb)
  • 2017: CSV (54mb), TXT (54mb)
  • 2018: CSV (54mb), TXT (54mb)
  • 2019: CSV (54mb), TXT (54mb)
  • 2020: CSV (52mb), TXT (52mb)
  • 2021: CSV (53mb), TXT (53mb)
  • 2022: CSVTXT

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