MV-Web customer

  • Gain access to usage and load data 

  • Use analytic tools to view load data, as shown in 15-minute increments 

  • Create graphs and tables that help  easily visualize data 

  • Export meter data into a comma separated values file (csv)

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MV-Web is an application that enables energy providers to deliver secure and reliable access to interval-load data to Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers. 

With MV-Web, you can use data to gain a more accurate understanding of your energy consumption, and monitor usage trends for more informed decision making and cost budgeting. Data from MV-Web can also help with modifying equipment operation and startup schedules to reduce or eliminate costly demand peaks.


MV-Web enables C&I customers to visualize usage and demand data, identify peak time of use, view 15-minute increment load data, observe kVA/Power Factor, chart out 24-hour load profiles and many other data reporting capabilities. MV-Web users can also create graphs and tables that help to easily visualize data and export detailed custom reports.

MV-Web graph
15-minute interval demand data.



To access to meter data within MV-Web, customer meters must be served under one of the following rates:

  • Retail Transmission Service (RTS)
  • Time-of-Day Primary Service (TODP)
  • Time-of-Day Secondary Service (TODS)

Getting started 

To get started using the features of MV-Web, contact your Account Manager. If you do not have an assigned Account Manager, contact us.

For more information on the program, download the MV-Web User Guide.


MV-Web access is restricted to authorized users. To request access, please contact us to request access.
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