Because scammers are always on the prowl, we’re here to help

Posted | April 16, 2019

Fact:  We will NEVER call you to demand payment or ask for a credit/debit card number or any other personal identification. So, if you ever get a call threatening to shut off your power if you don’t provide that information, it’s a scam. With today’s technology, crooks are getting more and more sophisticated when it comes to trying to steal your money … or your identity.

If you receive a suspicious phone call, email or letter that looks like it is from us, don’t take any action other than to pick up the phone and call us. We’ll verify any communication we may have made to you.  And remember to report any scam attempts to local police.

We make it easy to pay your monthly bill safely and securely. Visit to see all the available options. You can even sign in to your online account (or easily create one at if you don’t already have one) to view your bill, check the amount due and check the payment due date.