Practicing good safety habits around electricity is an around-the-clock job

Posted | April 16, 2019

Spring is here, and you’re likely chomping at the bit to tackle some home improvement projects. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer (DIYer), be sure to put electrical safety at the top of your to-do list. Get up close and personal with your home’s electric system. Know how to turn off the power to the circuit. Always find out where the cables are in your walls before you drill, nail or screw anything into the wall to ensure you don’t hit any of the cables hidden inside the wall.

Working on an appliance? Be sure to unplug it first. Did you know most electrocutions that occur when using power tools happen when equipment comes into contact with live electrical wires? Before using a power tool, check the cord and plug to be sure they’re in good condition. If the cord and/or plug are damaged or frayed, take the tool for repairs or replace it if the damage is significant. Be mindful of where the cord is while using the tool; you don’t want to cut through or trip over the cord while you work.

Personal protection equipment (PPE) isn’t just for work. It can protect your eyes, ears, mouth and hands. Always wear safety glasses, earplugs, a mask and gloves while you work. Don’t take chances! If you are not sure you have the experience or skill to tackle a project, don’t. Call a professional. Visit for more home safety tips.