Advancing the way you manage your energy usage

Posted | May 14, 2019

Would you like to see your energy usage in near real time? How about receiving a text or email notification when your energy usage approaches a certain amount each day? Want to know how your home’s energy usage compares to others in your ZIP code or compare your home’s energy usage day-to-day, week-to-week, month-to-month, etc.?

All these cool features – and more – are available at no additional cost with our Advanced Meter Program. When you replace your basic meter with an advanced meter, you’ll have online access to your personal dashboard so you can take a closer look at how and when you use energy. That, in turn, gives you more control over your energy usage – providing the opportunity to make adjustments that could save you money. You can even set an Energy Marker, which allows you to track energy savings that occur when you replace standard light bulbs with LED bulbs, change your furnace filter, install a new thermostat and more. Participants in the program also receive regular email updates about the program, including information about upcoming features, insights on energy usage and tips on how to save energy.

The Advanced Meter Program is voluntary and available only to a limited number of customers – again, at no additional cost. Visit to learn more or to request your advanced meter today.