Some simple rules for staying safe around flammable liquids

Posted | May 14, 2019

It’s easy to not give a second thought to the cans of gasoline, paint thinner or pesticides that many of us have in our garage or our basement. But those are all flammable liquids, and if they are not stored properly, they pose a very real and potentially very dangerous threat to our safety.

A fire, an explosion, a poisoning … any of those things could happen if we are not as careful as we should be in storing those – and other – flammable liquids. So following a few simple storage tips is crucial when it comes to keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe.

  • Use the right container – safety-approved cans/containers should be used for all flammable liquids. And every can/container and any cabinet in which they are stored should be properly labeled with “flammable liquid” signs. Never use milk or water jugs or unmarked glass containers.
  • Keep them outside the home – a detached garage or a storage shed is preferable.
  • Keep away from floor-level burners and pilot lights – vapors from flammable liquids can travel along the floor and ignite. Burners and pilot lights should be at least 18 inches off the ground.
  • Make them childproof – place cans/containers where kids can’t reach them, and make sure lids fit properly and are tight.

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