Springtime is the right time for energy efficiency

Posted | May 14, 2019

Spring is in the air, and the time is ripe to find ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency. Spring into action with these tips to help you save energy – and money – in your home.

  1. Tune up your AC – Give your air-conditioning system a tune-up by replacing the filters, checking your refrigerant levels and cleaning your evaporator coils. Contact a professional to schedule an inspection. A certified HVAC technician can make sure your system is running efficiently and safely.
  2. Seal cracks and gaps – Add weather stripping and caulking around leaky windows and doors. Caulking gaps and cracks for air sealing should be done inside rather than outside your home.
  3. Clean your fridge – Your refrigerator is one of the biggest energy users inside your home. You can reduce its energy consumption by properly cleaning – and cleaning out – your fridge. Gently vacuum the outer coils to remove dust and dirt. Remove old and unwanted food from your fridge to allow air to circulate, but don’t leave your refrigerator totally empty. You can prevent air leaks when you open the door by keeping the fridge about two-thirds full. Also, for maximum efficiency, the temperature should be set between 37 and 40 degrees.
  4. Play it smart with your thermostat – Most experts, including those at the Department of Energy, say 78 degrees is the ideal setting for a home’s thermostat during warmer months. You’ll save energy – and money – for every degree you set your thermostat above 78 degrees. Consider a programmable thermostat which can make the adjustments for you automatically.
  5. Keep the heat out of the kitchen – When you cook with your oven or on your stovetop, you are adding heat to your kitchen. Help ensure your air-conditioning system doesn’t work overtime by using smaller appliances (microwave, toaster oven, Instant Pot®, air fryer) or, better yet, grill your food outdoors.
  6. Use LED light bulbs – Even though it's staying light longer, you can still save money when you switch to LEDs throughout your home.