Our investments and programs are resulting In fewer and shorter outages

Posted | June 6, 2019

Any number of things can cause a power outage: a major storm, an animal on a power line or transformer, a car crash into a utility pole. The reliability of the power we generate for you is a top priority. That’s why we are making major investments aimed at reducing not only the number of outages but also the duration of any outages.

While we can’t prevent all outages, ongoing investments in Distribution Automation technology allow us to detect outages sooner, better pinpoint the location, respond more quickly and reroute power around the affected area. That means fewer people are without power and restoration happens sooner.

We are also replacing older transmission equipment – including replacing aging wooden poles with more durable steel poles – and installing new circuit breakers and other components vital to reliable service. Plus, our Power Line Tree Clearance program helps reduce outages by removing dead and decaying trees to keep them from potentially impacting electric lines.

These investments and programs have helped reduce outages – and the length of those outages – by more than 30 percent over the last several years.