The power restoration process and how it is impacted by circuits

Posted | June 6, 2019

When your power goes out, you have questions: What happened? What’s being done to restore power? How long will it take?

As part of an occasional series, our employee experts will answer some of the most frequently asked questions, such as:

After a storm, why does my neighbor across the street have power, but I do not?

“Your neighbors may have electric service when you don’t because their home is on a different set of lines, or circuit. Think of the electric grid as a large-scale version of your house. When a circuit breaker trips in your home, power may be on in the bathroom but not in the kitchen. That’s because your house has more than one circuit. One circuit is off while others are on. Circuits in neighborhoods work much the same way.

As we work through the restoration process, some areas may have less damage than others. Once major lines serving a neighborhood are repaired, power may be on at some houses and off at others because of additional damage to lines and equipment serving those homes. Our crews work safely and as quickly as possible to restore service, and you can always check their progress on our online outage map at”

– Diaz Crawford, call center operations manager, Customer Services