Check out the updates to our Demand Conservation program

Posted | July 5, 2019

Thanks to those of you who have helped make our Demand Conservation program a success. Since the program’s inception 18 years ago, more than 180,000 customers have helped us manage the community’s energy needs by volunteering to have more than 200,000 Demand Conservation devices installed on their central air conditioning units, electric water heaters and pool pumps.

As we enter the summer months, we want to remind customers of changes that have been made to our portfolio of energy efficiency programs, including the Demand Conservation program. If a “cycling” event is called on a critical “peak” summer day, Demand Conservation program participants will receive an end-of-season bill credit instead of monthly bill credits. Customers will receive five dollars for each device they have installed. This end-of-season bill credit will be added to the customer’s November energy bill.

Visit for more information about our Demand Conservation program and details about our other programs and offerings.