Keeping your natural gas flowing safely, securely and reliably

Posted | July 9, 2019

We will never compromise when it comes to safety. That commitment is proven day in and day out to our natural gas customers by actions we’ve taken to strengthen our transmission system and by our constant vigilance of the pipelines that bring natural gas into your home or business.

Over the last several years we have:

  • Invested millions of dollars to replace hundreds of miles of aging iron and steel service pipelines with more durable plastic.
  • Replaced aging transmission lines.
  • Undertaken system reinforcement projects to enhance reliability.

In addition, we are currently in the middle of our annual natural gas survey program. As required by law, we survey the gas line up to your gas meter to check for leaks or any other damage to the line. If any repairs are needed, we’ll work with you to schedule those. The surveys, which take only about a minute, run April thru October and occur on a three-year cycle. If you see someone who appears to be an LG&E employee on your property, you can ask to see their company ID card and give us a call to confirm they are one of our employees.

Visit to see if your line is scheduled to be surveyed this year.