Make safety a priority for autumn chores

Posted | September 25, 2019

There’s still plenty of outdoor work to get done before the colder weather sets in. No matter what project you’re tackling, remember to keep safety at the top of the list.

  • Fall planting – Before digging a hole for that new bush, shrub or tree, remember to contact 811 at least two days ahead of time. Dial 8-1-1 or submit a request online at to have underground wires, cables or pipelines marked by member utilities, including us. Contacting 811 is the law, is free and could save you from a costly repair bill or a serious injury.
  • Using a ladder – A common fall chore is cleaning out the gutters, which usually requires using a ladder. Remember to always carry your ladder parallel to the ground and make sure you are clear of power lines and trees that may be touching any power lines before you stand it up.
  • Leaf raking – Dry leaves and ignition sources do not mix. Keep leaves clear of any outdoor lighting, power outlets and power cords.
  • Checking the chimney – Consider hiring a professional chimney sweep to ensure your chimney is ready for duty this winter.

Visit for information about these and other safety tips.