Our Landlord Agreement helps landlords and property management companies organize utility billing and ensures property services remain active.

Now, you’ll be happy to learn about additional features specifically aimed at helping you more easily manage the utility accounts associated with your rental property or properties. When you sign in to your account at my.lge-ku.com, you’ll see a new tab for “Landlord/Property Mgrs.” Clicking on that tab shows you a list of the Landlord Agreements you have with us. From there you will find a variety of options to help you better manage those accounts.

Enhancements to the site allow you to easily add or remove an account; change, add or remove addresses; and simply click on “Yes” or “No” when it comes time to renew your Landlord Agreement.

Visit lge-ku.com/business/landlords to learn more about our Landlord Agreement and other helpful tools and resources.