We all count, so let’s make sure we’re all counted

Posted | February 27, 2020

We are proud to support the U.S. Census Bureau in its efforts to ensure everyone is counted in the 2020 census. You have already received – or soon will receive – a notice to complete the census. And for the first time you can respond online – easily, quickly and securely. You can also respond by mail or by phone if you prefer. 

The goal of the census is to count every person living in the country. It is conducted every 10 years as required by the U.S. Constitution so that funding for vital services (schools, hospitals, transportation, etc.) is accurately and fairly distributed across the country. The census count also determines redistricting of congressional and state legislative districts to maintain equal and fair representation.

Visit 2020census.gov to learn more about this very important task and to find out how you can get paid to help make sure no one – especially children and the elderly – is left out of the count.