Empowering economic development in our communities

Posted | June 1, 2020

Now more than ever, we‘re committed to strengthening economic development across our service territories. Attracting new businesses and helping existing ones expand – all while supporting their efforts to recover from a downturn caused by the global pandemic – is a top priority for us.  

Our dedicated economic development professionals know the ins and outs of the industries we serve and the businesses we want to attract. They also serve in leadership roles in various economic development organizations. As we help businesses rebound, they are committed to strong business investment and job growth. 

We are actively involved in marketing to site selection consultants and business attraction leaders across the country as well as internationally. 

Initiatives we’ve undertaken to support economic development include: 

  • Installing more automated restoration technology on our energy grid to further improve reliability. 
  • Upgrading and expanding our electric transmission system to help communities grow and expand. 
  • Investing in workforce development and Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) career programs. 
  • Partnering with businesses to install workplace electric vehicle charging stations for their employees.

In order to enhance our economic development efforts in the communities we serve, an Economic Development Rider has been developed to encourage Brownfield Development, Economic Development and Redevelopment for new locations and existing customers’ expansions. In addition, our Green Tariff program gives businesses the opportunity to support the growth of renewable energy. 

Site Selection magazine has honored LG&E and KU Energy five times since 2010 for its economic development efforts, most recently recognizing the company as one of the top 20 utilities across the country for corporate facility investment and job creation. 

Visit lge-ku.com/economic-development to learn more.