Paperless billing + My Notifications = Less stress

Posted | June 1, 2020

Perhaps you’ve thought going to paperless billing would be a good way to receive your monthly bill. You’ll get an email each month from us with the summary of your bill, including the amount and due date. But you may still be worried you’ll forget to pay it unless you have the paper bill to remind you your payment is due. No problem. Our paperless billing option comes with a feature that will help you remember to make your payment – My Notifications. The best part is you can choose how you want to be notified – by email, by text and/or by voice call. It’s up to you. Plus, you also choose when you want to be notified – when your bill is ready to be viewed, five days before payment is due or one day past the due date (if payment hasn’t been received). 

Paperless billing is safe, secure and good for the environment. And we make it easy to remember. Go to to make the switch today.