She’s sew wonderful when it comes to making face masks

Posted | July 28, 2020

Annalee Worthington, a senior communications specialist with the company, has been volunteering her time and skills to assist during the COVID-19 crisis by making face masks for health-care workers as well as for family and friends. 

Worthington sews as a creative outlet year-round, frequently volunteering for school groups and charity auctions. When the pandemic began shutting down events throughout the U.S., a friend texted her about another volunteer opportunity. JOANN – the fabric store chain – had issued a call for volunteers to sew masks for medical facilities, and Worthington jumped at the chance. 

Worthington’s posts on Facebook about her mask-making led her to other organizations and people who needed masks. She was contacted by another friend who told her that a retirement/nursing community needed masks for residents. She sprang into action, sewing an additional 12 masks.