This could be the time to “leaf” your gas-powered lawn equipment behind

September 2, 2020

A lot of us are spending a good amount of time with our lawn equipment as we move into the latter stages of summer and autumn approaches. And much of that equipment is likely gas-powered. However, if you’ve given thought to transitioning to electric lawn equipment, here are a few facts that might nudge you in that direction.

Electric lawn equipment:

  • Has a longer life span.
  • Produces less air pollution.
  • Is easier to maintain.
  • Weighs less.
  • Is quieter.

As one example, if you use a gas-powered leaf blower for just 30 minutes, it produces about the same amount of emissions as a big pickup truck driven 3,900 miles.*

In addition, electric leaf blowers generally cost less than their gas-powered counterparts.

*Edmunds, “Leaf Blower’s Emissions Dirtier than High-Performance Pick-Up Truck’s, Says Edmunds’,” Santa Monica, CA, 2011.