Keep an eye (or ear or nose) out for a possible natural gas leak

September 2, 2020

If you’re one of the more than 320,000 LG&E customers who receive natural gas service, you’re fully aware of its reliability and safety when it comes to heating your home and – for some of you – cooking. Our natural gas lines are constantly inspected to ensure their safety and performance, but on occasion leaks can occur. There are three major tips that clue you in to a possible leak.

  • Hear it – a hissing or whistling sound coming from a gas appliance or outside near your meter.
  • See it – blowing dust; brown, dying foliage; and/or water bubbling up from the ground.
  • Smell it – an odor of rotten eggs. (Natural gas is odorless, but we add a chemical – mercaptan – so leaks can be more easily detected.) If the odor is faint, you should open doors and windows to vent the area.

If you notice any of those signals, DO NOT touch any light or other electrical switches that could cause a spark. Quickly leave  the area on foot (DO NOT start your car) and give us a call at  502-589-1444. (Call 800-331-7370 outside Louisville.) Also call 911 to alert emergency officials of the situation. Only use your phone once you have cleared the area. Visit for more information.