We make kicking the paper habit easy, safe and secure

September 2, 2020

Reducing the amount of paper you have to deal with sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it? Well, we can help. Just sign up for paperless billing, and we’ll send you an email each month with the amount, due date and a link to pay online or review your detailed bill through My Account instead of a paper bill. Simply validate your email address from the link we send you to start receiving your bill by email. Paperless billing is safe, secure and environmentally friendly.

Don’t worry that you might forget to pay your bill without the paper version to remind you. That’s where My Notifications comes in. Choose from email, text and/or voice call to receive reminders when your bill is ready to be viewed, five days before payment is due or one day past the due date (if payment hasn’t been received) – or choose all three!

Go to lge-ku.com/paperless to sign up today.