The cold has settled in for a long visit, but you can fight back

January 5, 2021

There’s still plenty of cold weather to come and that likely means more energy usage and higher monthly utility bills. Extreme cold results in your HVAC system working harder to keep your home warm when the temperature takes a dip. To get an idea how extreme cold can impact your bill, check out our weather calendar at

So, to help you fight against the cold and to better manage your energy costs, here are a few tips to get through the coming weeks.

  • Lower your thermostat by two degrees.
  • Wear warmer clothing and put an extra blanket – or maybe two – on the bed.
  • Keep fireplace doors and dampers closed when the fireplace is not in use.
  • Keep your curtains and blinds open during the day to let sunlight in.
  • Caulk and weather strip windows and doors if you haven’t already.
  • Make sure your furnace filter is clean; replace when necessary according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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