Sometimes we estimate bills – Here’s why

January 28, 2021

Your monthly bill is calculated from the energy-usage information gathered by a meter reader who physically reads the meter on your property. On occasion, we may estimate your bill when the meter reader is unable to access the meter. Usage estimations can occur due to inclement weather, a locked gate, vegetation around the meter, or an animal that may pose a safety risk. When this happens, we estimate the amount of energy you would have used based on several factors, including comparing the usage from the previous year and current weather conditions, which can impact usage. 

Any usage estimations will be clearly noted in the “Current Usage” section of your bill. Estimated meter readings can be higher or lower than actual usage. After the next actual meter reading occurs, the following bill will correct any difference (higher or lower) between the actual reading and the estimate resulting in billing you only for what you actually used. It is helpful to ensure that our meter reader has access to your meter each month when we are scheduled to visit your location. You can find your next meter reading window at the top of your bill or access the full year meter reading schedule at