Don’t get agitated: Try these energy-saving laundry tips

February 25, 2021

One household chore that can have an impact on your energy usage is laundry. The good news is there are some things you can do to reduce energy usage and lower the impact on your monthly bill. 

  • Not the hot – 90% of the energy used by washing machines goes to heating water, so you should use cold water as often as possible. Today’s laundry detergents are designed to do the job even in colder water. 
  • Fill it up – Avoid doing only half-loads. Washing machines use about the same amount of energy whether you wash a full load or just a few items. 
  • Time for an upgrade – If you’re thinking about getting a new machine, buy one with ENERGY STAR® certification. Standard washing machines that have not earned the ENERGY STAR rating use about twice the water and electricity. 
  • Too much lint is money spent – Clean your dryer’s lint filter after every load. This can improve the efficiency of your machine and help prevent fires. 
  • Check your outside dryer exhaust vent – It should open and close freely. If it does not close tightly, outside air is getting into your home through the dryer and you may need to replace the vent. 
  • Air what you wear – Hang clothes to dry indoors (or outdoors when the weather allows). 

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