Putting themselves on the line for us everyday

April 1, 2021

Sunday, April 18 is National Lineman Appreciation Day. It’s a day set aside to honor those workers who brave the elements – from oppressive heat to a major storm and everything in between – to make sure we all have safe and reliable power.

While you may think a line technician is just the person you see working on overhead power lines, our line technicians work underground, in substations and on equipment throughout our entire electric system.

  • 11,000,000 miles driven in an average year. 
  • 270–300 days worked in an average year. 
  • 35 pounds of equipment carried when climbing a utility pole. 
  • 24/7 availability. 
  • 5–7 years advanced schooling and training to become a journeyman lineman. 

In addition to being committed to our customers, line technicians frequently assist other utilities in other states when serious weather emergencies cause major power outages.