Say no to more paper and yes to paperless billing

April 1, 2021

More paper may be one of the last things you want or need. An easy way to simplify your life, reduce the amount of paper you get in the mail and ensure your bill arrives on time is to get your monthly bill via our paperless option. You’ll receive an email each month providing a brief summary of your bill – the current amount due and the payment due date – along with a link to view your complete bill safely and securely.

Signing up for paperless billing is easy. Sign in to your online account (or easily create one at Once you are signed in, click “Billing Options,” make sure your email address is up-to-date, select “Paperless” and then hit “Submit.” It’s that simple.

With paperless billing, it’s also a good idea to consider My Notifications. You’ll receive a bill payment reminder however you choose – text, email and/or voice call. You also choose when you are notified – when your bill is ready for viewing, five days before the payment due date or one day past the due date (only if your payment hasn’t been received). While these options are still available to you, our notifications process has changed. You will continue to receive notifications – about your bill – but we’re asking you to re-enroll in My Notifications as soon as possible so we can ensure your information is accurate in our system. In addition, new options are coming soon. Sign up now so you don’t miss any important messages from us!

Visit to enroll (or re-enroll) today.