Here’s a way to make your budget planning a whole lot easier

April 30, 2021

Say goodbye to the seasonal ups and downs of your monthly bill and enjoy the benefit of knowing what to expect when your bill arrives … and being able to plan your family finances with a little more certainty. Just sign up for our Budget Payment Plan and you’ll know, in advance, the amount of your bill each month.

When you sign up for the Budget Payment Plan, we’ll calculate an estimate of your usage for the next 12 months based on current energy costs and your actual usage from the previous 12 months. The total of that estimate is then averaged to arrive at your initial monthly amount. During the 12 months you are on the plan, your actual usage compared to the estimate will be reviewed – first at four months and then again at eight months. Any necessary adjustments will be made at the time of those reviews, and you’ll be notified by a message on the back of your bill.

At the end of your 12-month period, your total actual energy usage will be compared to your total payments. If you used less energy than estimated, you’ll get a credit. If you used more, then it’s a debit.

As one of the lower-energy-usage months, May is a good time to sign up for the Budget Payment Plan. Other months that fall into that category are June, September and October. However, you can sign up whenever you like.

Visit to learn more, calculate your estimated initial monthly payment amount and sign up today.