Dangerous summer storms can pop up quickly, so be ready

June 7, 2021

Some of the most wicked weather we can experience comes during the summer months in the form of severe thunderstorms and even tornadoes. Make sure you’re ready should the weather take a nasty turn and you’re left without power.

Have an emergency kit prepared that includes:

  • Water and nonperishable food.
  • Flashlights and extra batteries.
  • A battery-operated radio (consider buying a NOAA Weather Radio to get weather warnings).
  • First-aid materials, including prescription medicines.
  • Your cellphone and a battery-powered charger.

In addition, here are a few other things you can do to be prepared and stay safe when severe weather strikes:

  • Use our customer mobile app to report an outage, check status and view our outage map. You can also text OUTAGE or STATUS to 4LGEKU.
  • Shut off all appliances, but keep a light switch on so you know when the power comes back on.
  • Know where you’ll go in the event power is out for an extended period.
  • Keep at least a half tank of gas in your car.
  • Never take a bath or shower during a storm.

Remember to always avoid downed power lines. Always assume all lines are energized and dangerous. Stay away and keep others away. If you see a downed line, report it to us immediately.

Visit weather.gov/safety for more tips on preparing for severe weather.