Here’s something you’ll get a charge out of

July 28, 2021

Saturday, September 25, through Sunday, October 3, has been designated National Drive Electric Week across America ( Electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids (vehicles that run on both gas and electricity) are becoming more popular every year as major auto manufacturers commit to putting more EVs on the road and charging stations become more plentiful. Not to mention EVs come with a lot of advantages over traditional gas-powered vehicles.

  • Better for the environment – EVs produce a lot less CO2 equivalent emissions than combustion engines.
  • Good for the long haul – EVs run more than 200 miles per charge, and some can do 100 miles more than that. The average driver travels only about 40 miles a day. And you can “charge it up” at home.
  • Maintenance? What maintenance? – Well, not as much as gas-powered vehicles. No oil, thus no oil changes. No spark plugs, no muffler, no catalytic converter. You get the idea.
  • Money in your pocket – With our electric rates, “filling up” an EV is like paying less than $1 a gallon for gas.

And, EVs are becoming more affordable, especially after tax incentives are included.

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