Make sure your heating system is in tip-top shape for the weather to come

September 3, 2021

As you’re reading this, it may be sunny and warm, and your air conditioner may be running. But before you know it, you’ll need to turn on the heat. So, now is a good time to make sure your heating system is ready for the colder weather that’s just around the corner.

  • Have your furnace or heat pump checked out by a trained professional if it’s been awhile since the last check. We recommend having that done at least once a year. Also, if you use a heat pump, it’s best to leave it set on auxiliary heat, which is more energy efficient. If you set your thermostat on “Heat,” the auxiliary heat will kick on automatically when needed.
  • Change or clean your furnace filter per manufacturer’s instructions. A dirty filter will force your system to work harder, meaning it will use more energy and cost you more money.
  • Keep registers, baseboard heaters and radiators clean and free of any obstructions, such as furniture.

Need a new heating system? Consider an ENERGY STAR® certified model. Any higher cost up-front will be offset over time by significant energy-efficiency savings. Visit for more energy-saving ideas.