Bathe in the knowledge of hot water safety

January 28, 2022

Hot water is an absolute necessity. We need it for washing our hands, doing the laundry and washing dishes, just to name a few everyday activities. And a nice hot shower or bath can be very relaxing. But there can be a downside … water that gets too hot is dangerous. Overdo it and you can get seriously burned. Here are some tips to help you enjoy hot water and its benefits safely.

  • 120 is the magic number – Do not set your water heater above 120 degrees Fahrenheit (be sure to check the temperature on your water heater). It only takes 2–3 seconds for a child to be scalded at a temperature of no more than 125 degrees. Consider fitting faucets and showerheads with an anti-scald device to prevent the water temperature from rising above 120 degrees. Bonus benefit: a lower water temperature will help you save on your monthly utility bill.
  • How to turn on and off – Cold water should always be turned on before hot water, and hot water should always be turned off before cold water.
  • Know your knobs – Are the faucets labeled correctly? Make sure they are what they say they are: Hot is hot, and cold is cold.

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