We spend our energy working on ways to provide more sustainable energy for you

January 28, 2022

Providing safe, reliable, sustainable low-cost energy is the driving force behind what we do every day. To that end, our Technology Research and Analysis department is constantly studying and analyzing technologies that change the way our customers use energy.

One such project involves our operation of a large utility-scale energy-storage system. A one-megawatt, two-megawatt-hour lithium-ion battery allows solar energy to be stored during the day and used during the night. The battery is in operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Part and parcel to the battery project is the need to overcome the intermittency of renewable forms of energy (e.g., the sun doesn’t shine every day) while maintaining our commitment to increase renewable power generation to help significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We are studying the intermittency of renewables in partnership with researchers at the University of Kentucky.

Visit lge-ku.com/research to learn more about these and other projects to help us stay in the forefront of innovation to better serve you.