To be an accurate reader, our tech needs access to your meter

September 16, 2022

You want to be certain the bill you receive from us each month is accurate. And we work hard to make sure that’s the case. It starts with our technicians being able to get an accurate reading of your meter. This is where you come in – making sure your meter is accessible is key to getting that accurate reading.

The top-right portion of your bill shows the date range when your next meter reading is scheduled. You can also see the full schedule through My Account ( If your meter is behind a locked gate or you have a pet in the area, be sure our technician can get to the meter during the time your meter is scheduled to be read. To further ensure access, there should be at least six feet of clearance in the front and at least two feet on either side of the meter.

It is best to provide 24-hour access to your meter. However, it MUST be accessible 8 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday. In addition to helping with the accuracy of your bill, meter access is very important for performing maintenance, responding to any emergencies, making repairs or addressing any safety hazards.