Understanding why you may sometimes get an estimated bill

October 24, 2022

Sometimes we may need to estimate your bill when our technician is unable to get to your meter to physically read it. That occurs, for example, when there is inclement weather, there is overgrown vegetation around the meter, the meter is behind a locked gate or there is an animal in the area that may pose a safety risk. And sometimes we just can’t make it there. In such instances, we estimate the amount of energy you would have used, taking into consideration several factors, including comparing your usage from the previous year and current weather conditions.
If we estimated your bill, it will be clearly noted in the “Current Usage” section. The estimate may be higher or lower than your actual usage. Any difference either way will be corrected on the bill that follows the next actual meter reading. The ultimate result is you will only be billed for the energy you actually use. 

You can help reduce the chances of receiving an estimated bill by ensuring access to your meter. Trim or remove any overgrown vegetation and keep any pets out of the area when your meter is due to be read. You can find the date range for your next scheduled meter reading at the top of your bill.