Planning on some outdoor work around your home? Remember the power lines

February 20, 2023

Spring will be here before you know it. If you are planning a project that will involve work near power lines (e.g., roof work, painting, etc.), you can request that we “cover” or “drop” the electric lines near you to help avoid a potential accident. 

Cover the lines
Covering the lines means temporarily wrapping them in an insulated cover. 

  • In general, there is no fee for this service, and power will not be disrupted. Make your request at least three business days before you need the service, and we’ll be there to complete it by the time you need it. 
  • If the request is for a project planned for later, make your request for the date of your project, and we will contact you closer to your requested date to schedule. 
  • Please keep in mind that during emergency events, such as storm recovery efforts, these requests may take longer to fulfill. 
  • Let us know when your work is completed, and we’ll uncover the lines. In most cases, we will uncover the lines if we have not heard from you within about 45 days. (Let us know if you need more time to complete your project.) 
  • Remember, always assume power lines are energized and keep yourself, other people, tools and building materials away from them even if they are covered. 

Drop the lines 

Dropping the lines means the lines are taken down so work can be completed safely. 

  • This is generally needed if there is equipment or anything else too tall to go under the lines with sufficient clearance. 
  • Make your request, and we will contact you within three business days to schedule. Do not schedule any work on your project before you hear from us. 
  • In some cases, dropping the lines may not be practical, so we may need to discuss other ways to allow you to work safely. 
  • Let us know when your work is completed, and we’ll reconnect the lines. 

It is important to understand that obtaining a building permit for a project near a power line does not mean the project can be performed safely without coordinating with us. Coordinating with us is also not a substitute for obtaining any required permit. 

And don’t forget about underground utility lines, including electric ones. If your project involves digging, remember to contact 811 to locate those lines – it’s the law. 

How can you request covering or dropping your overhead lines? Just sign in to your online account (My Account) at and select the Service Orders tile or click on Additional Services in the navigation bar.