Summer storms can hit hard and fast. It’s good to be prepared

May 22, 2023

Some of the fiercest storms we can get in this area happen during the summer months. June is National Safety Month, so it seems like a good time to offer some reminders to help you be prepared and stay safe if and when a damaging storm hits.

  • Assemble an emergency kit if you haven’t already, including:
    • Water and nonperishable food/snacks.
    • First-aid items such as band-aids, pain relievers and prescription medications.
    • A battery-operated radio to stay up-to-date with weather warnings. We recommend a NOAA Weather Radio.
    • A battery-operated cellphone charger.
    • Extra batteries.
  • Do not take a bath or shower during a storm.
  • Shut off appliances and electronics. (Keep a light switch on so you know when power is restored in the event of an outage.)
  • Keep at least a half tank of gas in your car.
  • Have a plan for a place to stay if there is an extended emergency.

If you lose power, you can use our mobile app to report the outage. (Visit to download the app.) You can also text OUTAGE to 454358 (4LGEKU). Text STATUS for updates.

And last (but definitely not least), stay away from any downed power lines. If you see one, call us to report it.