BlueOval SK Battery Park phase one complete

January 22, 2024

LG&E and KU is proud to serve some of the largest businesses in Kentucky with safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy. We’re committed to growing jobs and the economy in the commonwealth by working to attract new businesses and help existing businesses expand by partnering with the communities we serve in a variety of ways.

One major project in which our employees are heavily involved reached an important milestone late last year – the completion of Phase One of LG&E and KU’s part in the BlueOval SK Battery Park in Glendale, Ky. Completion of this phase included designing, engineering and constructing essential infrastructure for the project, such as:

  • Constructing two transmission lines
  • Constructing a high-pressure natural gas pipeline extension and a gas metering and regulating facility
  • Building two substations

The BlueOval SK Battery Park is a joint venture between Ford Motor Company and SK On, a division of SK Innovation – one of South Korea’s largest companies. The plants – two battery-manufacturing facilities with an announced $5.8 billion in capital investment – will create 5,000 jobs in Kentucky.

Learn more about the project and its exciting career opportunities. And see how our energies go to powering businesses and empowering growth in the communities our employees are proud to serve and call home.