Louisville Gas and Electric (LG&E) forms LG&E Energy Corp., an exempt utility holding company, to prepare the business for future acquisitions.


Acquire Hadson Power Systems, which we eventually rename LG&E Power Inc. (LPI).


Acquire a 36.5 percent partnership interest in Natural Gas Clearinghouse (NGC) of Houston, the nation's largest gas marketing company ($70 million total investment). LG&E becomes the first utility to open its electric transmission system to other parties.


LG&E is the first utility to reorganize to create strategic lines of business: retail gas, retail electric, wholesale generation.


Sell our interest in NGC to NOVA Corporation (Canada) for $170 million. LG&E Energy realigns our corporate structure into two distinct business units - utility and non-utility. The non-utility group (known as Energy Services) becomes the first in the industry to combine the management of all regulated and non-regulated power generation. LG&E Power Marketing is created and receives power marketer (trader) status from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission - the first power marketer affiliated to a regulated utility to do so.


Acquire Hadson Corporation, a Dallas-based natural gas marketing, gathering, and processing company, for $143 million.


Hadson Corporation is renamed LG&E Natural Gas Inc. We complete the development of a natural gas-fired plant in the Tucuman province of Argentina and retain a 33 percent ownership interest, marking the company's first international investment.


LG&E Energy announces that it is to consolidate its power and natural gas marketing units, forming a new division - LG&E Energy Marketing. We acquire controlling and minority interests in two Argentine gas distribution companies. LG&E Energy debuts at No. 377 in the Fortune 500.


LG&E Energy complete our merger with KU Energy. LG&E Energy also closes our transaction to lease the generation assets of Big Rivers Electric Corporation.


LG&E Energy acquires a 19.6 percent interest in Gas Natural BAN in Argentina, our second major investment in Argentine gas distribution facilities. LG&E Energy announces plans to build 450 MW merchant plant in Georgia. We acquire CRC Holdings Corp., the parent of CRC-Evans Pipeline International Inc. LG&E Energy is ranked No. 1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power and Associates.


LG&E Energy announces that it is being acquired by Powergen plc of the U.K. J.D. Power and Associates honors LG&E Energy for the highest overall customer satisfaction for mid-size businesses, and again as the leader of residential customer satisfaction in the Midwest. Completed merger with Powergen plc.


Powergen plc is acquired by E.ON, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.


LG&E Energy LLC becomes E.ON U.S.


E.ON U.S. returns maintenance and operational control of Western Kentucky Energy's four electric generating stations to Big Rivers Electric Corporation.


E.ON U.S. transfers its ownership in its two remaining Argentine gas distribution companies to E.ON Spain, a sister market-unit in E.ON. Previously, in 2007, E.ON U.S. had earlier sold another of its Argentine gas distribution investments.


E.ON U.S. announces on April 28 that it is being acquired by PPL Corporation of Allentown, Pennsylvania.


PPL Corporation completes acquisition of the company on Nov. 1. E.ON U.S. LLC becomes LG&E and KU Energy LLC.