Supplier Diversity

With diversity as one of our critical business initiatives, we are committed to being the leader in supplier diversity in the communities we serve. Our policy is to proactively provide opportunities for diverse businesses by mentoring, building relationships with, and buying from companies with diverse backgrounds.

To achieve success in our Supplier Diversity Program, the company has several goals:

  • Increase the amount of business awarded to certified diverse businesses.
  • Support agencies and organizations that help diverse businesses establish contacts and form relationships throughout the corporate community.
  • Strongly encourage our primary vendors and suppliers to increase their use of diverse businesses in their contracts and daily business activities.
  • Identify opportunities where diverse businesses may serve as second-tier suppliers to our primary contractors.

As an industry leader, we know that supplier diversity is key to sustaining our long-term success.

If you're interested in partnering with us as a diverse supplier, please register through the PowerAdvocate Portal using the online registration guide. LG&E and KU require all diverse businesses to provide certification from either a third-party certifying agency or a self-certification form available through the PowerAdvocate registration process.