Medical Alert Program

The Medical Alert Program is available for customers who have a physician prescribed ventilator, respirator or ventricular assist device. Once customers complete the necessary paperwork and secure a doctor's authorization, we will make a note in the customer’s account to make them aware of planned maintenance outages in their area and in the event of an unplanned power outage attempt to restore as soon as possible. Customers who may qualify for this program and would like to learn more about it can contact us:

LG&E residential
502-589-1444 or 800-331-7370

KU/ODP residential

We encourage you to be prepared in the event of an extended outage by:

  • Having an alternative source of power, such as a battery back-up or a generator.
  • Keeping emergency phone numbers handy for your doctor, fire, police and ambulance services. Remember, cordless phones will not work during power outage situations. Be sure to have a corded or cellular phone available.
  • Storing a battery-operated radio and fresh batteries.
  • Listening to the radio or watching your local news station during bad weather to stay informed of the severity of the storm.
  • Making arrangements with family and friends in the event you must leave your home due to an extended power outage.