Outage texting

Report your outage

Text OUTAGE to 4LGEKU (454358). We will use the number you texted from to find the location where power is out.  We’ll text you address information and ask you to verify it.  If it isn’t the correct address, you can enter a different phone number, the account number or the meter number for the outage.  Again, you will be asked to verify that the address information is correct before reporting the outage.

Check your outage status

For outage updates, text STATUS to 4LGEKU (454358).

Even easier with your mobile phone registered

Register your mobile phone number within My Account to speed up the process:

  • Using your smartphone or computer, log into your online account and under My Profile/Contact Information, enter your current mobile number as either the Primary or Secondary phone number.
  • If you don't have a My Account yet, go to My Account to create one.
  • Once your number is up-to-date, save 454358 in your contacts as 4LGEKU.

For more information, review our terms and conditions.

Other ways to report an outage

Outage map

For near-real-time information about outages check out the Outage Map on our mobile app or on your computer visit our Outage Map. You’ll find all information available about power outages, including an estimate of when power will be restored and what caused the outage, if known.