How the Renewable Calculator works

To support renewables at a level that is equal to 100% of your normal energy use, we recommend combining blocks of Green Energy and shares of Solar Share, which can collectively cost less than $1 per day or 5% more on your monthly energy bill.

The Renewable Choice Calculator combines shares from the Solar Share Program and blocks from the Green Energy Program to provide a combined solution for customers who want to support both local community solar and regional *wind energy. By using this tool, customers can easily sign up for our programs and match their energy usage with renewable energy. If desired, customers can instead choose to only participate in either the Solar Share Program or the Green Energy Program, each of which have its own pricing and structure. For example, 1 block of Green Energy supports 1,323 kWh kilowatt hours of energy while 1 share of Solar Share supports between 18 and 38 kilowatt hours per month.

*The Green Energy Program purchases wind and other renewable energy. Click here for our Product Content Labels


Need a more exact calculation?

These calculations are estimates based on your input of customer type, rate class and average monthly bill amount. If you prefer to have a more precise calculation based on your exact energy usage, we are here to help. Please complete the form below and a renewable energy advisor will contact you to discuss your renewable energy goals and the best solution that fits your needs. 

Customers who’ve sign up to support “100% renewable energy” in terms of matching their individual energy consumption with their Green Energy blocks and/or Solar Shares should understand that as your energy usage fluctuates from month to month, your claimed support of a 100% match may ebb and flow. Customers who want to ensure you do not fall below a 100% match in any given month should contact LG&E and KU for a customized recommendation.