Electric safety outdoors


  • NEVER go near or touch a fallen power line or other damaged electrical equipment.
  • NEVER drive over downed lines. If a line falls on your vehicle, don’t get out unless you are in more danger by staying in your vehicle.
  • NEVER use outdoor portable electrical appliances or tools while you are wet or standing on a wet surface.
  • NEVER climb or play around trees that are close to power lines! If you see a tree limb that is too close to a power line, contact us. We’ll send a crew to remove it. If a pet or any animal gets trapped on a utility pole or in a tree that is near power lines, contact us any time day or night. We’ll send a crew to help you and the animal.
  • NEVER climb or play near the metal or brick fences that surround electrical equipment. The fences around electric substations are there for safety. If a ball or other object falls inside the fence, DO NOT try to get it yourself. Contact us and we’ll send a crew to retrieve it for you.
  • NEVER fly drones, kites or model airplanes near power lines! Play in parks or other open spaces with no power lines to prevent the danger of severe injuries if a kite string or toy control wire should touch a power line.
  • NEVER let a person or equipment get close to power lines.


  • ALWAYS use electrical products that are marked for outdoor use.
  • ALWAYS be alert when working in the vicinity of power lines.  
  • ALWAYS be aware of the location of overhead and underground power lines at all times to avoid injury.
  • ALWAYS contact 811 two to ten days before you dig. They will work with member utilities to have underground utility lines marked in the area of your project. Once the area is marked, respect the lines when completing your project.
  • ALWAYS carry extension ladders parallel to the ground and check for the location of overhead power lines before setting the ladder upright.