Atmospheric corrosion inspections and maintenance safety

Corrosion is caused by a reaction between metallic pipe and its surroundings. As a result, the pipe deteriorates and may eventually leak. Common rust is an example of corrosion.

We continuously monitor the natural gas piping throughout our system, including the metal piping that attaches the natural gas meter to your home or business. We apply corrosion protection to prevent pipes from weakening.

You may observe an LG&E employee or a contractor working on behalf of LG&E on your property visually inspecting the natural gas meter. The technician may be prepared to paint or may actually paint the meter loop – the piping that leads from the meter to the home or structure. The technician may need to prep the piping by cleaning or scrubbing it before applying a coat of gray paint. 

employee with PPE performing a gas leak survey on a gas meter