Curb gas valve inspections safety

A curb valve is the point at which the customer service line begins. It is a valve that is installed in the natural gas service line and it is used to shut off the natural gas supply to a home or building. Curb valves are installed underground at or near the property line (near the curb along a street).

During an inspection, you may see a technician with a key or specialized wrench kneeling near the ground and lifting up a small round metal cover to remove and inspect a pipe.

In most cases, there will be no need to excavate on your property. However, if a problem is identified, it may be necessary for LG&E crews or contractors working on behalf of LG&E to use excavating equipment to dig and repair a problem that was identified during the inspection. If digging is required, LG&E will ensure the area is restored to its original condition once the repairs are made.