Gas leak detection

If you suspect a natural gas leak, ALWAYS leave the area immediately. Then call 911 and LG&E.

To reach LG&E, CALL:

If you suspect a natural gas leak, ALWAYS leave the area immediately.

If you suspect a natural gas leak:

  • Leave the area immediately and get to a safe area where you cannot smell a natural gas odor.
  • Then call 911 and LG&E.

Pure natural gas is colorless and odorless. We add a chemical – called mercaptan – to the natural gas to give it a distinct odor to help you detect a leak right away so you can take action.

Practice safety drills with your family. Everyone should know the safest and quickest way to leave the home – day or night – in the event of a natural gas emergency or fire.

Signs of a Natural Gas Leak

Use your senses to detect a natural gas leak. Please report any signs of a gas leak immediately. Your awareness and action can improve the safety of your home and community.


We add a distinctive, sulfur-like, rotten egg odor so you can detect even small amounts of natural gas. However, DO NOT rely only on your sense of smell to detect the presence of natural gas.


Pay attention to hissing, whistling or roaring sounds coming from underground or from a gas appliance.


Be aware of dirt spraying into the air, continual bubbling in a pond or creek and dead or dying vegetation in an otherwise moist area.